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Guide to Commercial Leasing

Leasing office space can be a complicated and frustrating experience if you’re not prepared. To help, we’ve prepared a simple plan to help you navigate the leasing process.

Here is the first step to follow:

Begin Early

Begin your relocation process early, because you will be conducting business as usual during this time, you should begin your relocation efforts 4-8 months before your move date. By planning well in advance time will be your ally not your enemy.

If time becomes an issue, keep cool, because most economic concessions are made right before the deadline of the transaction. You should avoid telegraphing your need to close the deal quickly. Attempt to work out alternative solutions with your existing landlord rather than reveal that you are under time pressure.

Allow enough time to accomplish all of your objectives by establishing a time line of the leasing process. Check back next week for an overview of the process.

Are you ready to start the commercial leasing process? Contact Judy at 570-878-5594 for more information and to schedule your personal tour of our beautiful modern office spaces available. Judy has the experience to answer all of your questions and to help you with your commercial leasing needs.