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Holiday Office Gift Giving

Tis the season for office gifting.  Are you a Santa, bestowing gifts on everyone, or are you a Scrooge, bah humbugging the entire season?  Whether you are Santa, Scrooge or somewhere in between here are some tips to fa la la your way through the season.

1.        First check your company’s gift policy.  A lot of larger companies have a specific policy written in the employee handbook.  If so, follow the rules.

2.       If you are a giver, give without expecting to receive.  If you are giving to everyone in the office consider a snack, lunch or treat that everyone can enjoy.  If you are only giving to certain people, make sure you give discreetly either after hours or outside of the office.

3.       If you are not a giver, be a gracious receiver.  Express your thanks and follow up with a thank you note.  You do not have to give a gift to everyone who gives you one, just be thankful.

Need gifts for your co-workers?  Stop by Tabacco Road https://www.facebook.com/Tobacco-Road-119893008038950/ to pick up lottery tickets for everyone.  Starting at just $1 each you can gift everyone in the office. 

Instead of individual gifts, treat the entire office to breakfast from Café Lilah https://www.facebook.com/CafeLilah/ or lunch from Armenti’s https://www.facebook.com/Armentis-Pizzeria-117618234982724/.  Your co-workers will appreciate the treat.