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Rock Creek Blog

National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day

Did you know that November 15th is National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day?  It is a great time to clear out the refrigerator so you have a clean refrigerator before you fill it up with your Thanksgiving supplies. If you

Time Change Blues?

We earned a bonus hour of sleep when we set the clocks back last Sunday but many of us are feeling the time change blues.  Change in schedule and not enough sunlight may be the reason.  How do you get

What to Look for in an Office Space

Finding an office space is filled with many decisions. The first step is prioritizing your needs of Space, Accessibility, and Terms. Different companies will have many different priorities. It is best to prioritize your needs before you start dreaming of

There is Still Time for 2017 Resolutions

What resolutions did you make for your business this year?  By October most of us have given up on this year’s resolutions and are looking toward finishing off the year and revisiting our goals next year. There is still time

Big news at Rock Creek

We have single offices available for lease.  Just minutes from Scranton.  Freelancers and entrepreneurs now have the option to work in a beautiful professional setting and have the privacy of personal office space. Take the next step to grow your